Our Investment Approach

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Our ability to support innovation projects makes Yearex, a global force to reckon with. Underlying our principled investment approach has always been a deep desire to demonstrate the huge investment potential that resides in breakthrough commercial solutions to the worlds most pressing problems.


Yearex Group is flexible as to the ultimate form and structure of its investments. 

We are investors both as a controlling shareholder and as an influential minority investor, and will invest at different levels of the capital structure and in a variety of transaction structures, including buyouts, restructurings and types of minority investments. We invest in ideas that not only cater to changing times but the ideas that fully realize the potential of technology. 

With this realization and confidence, Yearex is established in Dubai, to serve and partner with people who define class and have a taste for the finest. We bring together people who value technology and innovation.

Our Team

At Yearex consistently strives to partner with best-in-class entrepreneurs and corporations, and build long-term relationships with the enterprises based on mutual acknowledgement of goals. 

Our approach to nurture the ambitions of others has created a unique formula for success. 

Guided by these shared imperatives, we move swiftly to create and seize opportunities with the greatest potential. 

We manage risk in order to capitalize on opportunities and improve our performance. 

Strong ties with the investment teams, combined with an in-depth understanding of the portfolios, play a critical role in maintaining and strengthening our risk culture. 

At Yearex, all our efforts are centered on our Client and his needs. 

We are committed to delight and deliver beyond what is expected. 

By focusing on the right means, we have been successful in building a robust and dependable Yearex Value Chain.