About Yearex

Yearex – an abbreviation for YEAR EXPRESS, includes a wide range of business activities and services.

Yearex Investment Group is a 50 year old veteran, with a number of international joint venture partnerships and alliances in its portfolio including:

  •  Business Centre & Businessman Services
  •  General Trading
  •  Healthcare Medical Centres
  •  Information Technology & Innovation
  •  Leisure
  •  Real Estate
  •  Training & Consultancy
  •  Travel & Tourism

Yearex investment philosophy is to create long term value through operational excellence; integrating the latest technologies and exploring dynamic business avenues.

Yearex commitment to excellence is centered on 3 key fundamentals:

• To Creating Value

• To Delivering Value

• To Sustaining Value

Who We Are



We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and ethical behavior.



Our deep alignment with and accountability to clients, partners and one another drives our inexhaustible rigor and discipline.



We hire and partner with those whose demonstrated capacity for greatness propels us toward our vision.