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About Us

Who Are We & Why


Yearexpress was launched as a result of the accumulation of expertise that increases the work in the financial markets through the provision of various financial and investment services to individuals and institutions.

Yearexpress provides a safe environment and creates opportunities for investors to enter the global financial markets.

Yearexpress offers its clients growing investment opportunities from available financial investments.


Yearexpress is a licensed company and subject to the requirements of the Commercial Registration Laws of the United Arab Emirates,

It is the owner and operator of a group of companies operating under its cover in the fields of oil, food, real estate and public services to achieve the aspirations of commercial investors and their economic objectives. 

Yearexpress Business Management

Yearexpress Business Management

Our Goals

Our Business Goals

Creating a secure investment environment and diversified investment opportunities through a group of companies operating under Yearex corporation to achieve the investors' economic ambitions. 

Partner Companies

■ Yearex Investment Company 

■ Yearex General Trading 

■ Petromax Petroleum Company 

■ Balqees Real Estate Company 

■ Tadbeer for Government Services 

■ Nile Exchange

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